Years of existence
The story of YellowKorner

A story of


Two friends with a passion for photography

Alexandre de Metz is a photography and music enthusiast. Parallel to studying law he shadowed René Martin, a great organiser of classical music concerts and creator and organiser of the ‘La Folle Journée’.  He accompanied him all around the world, an experience which led him to consider the affordability of art in general : ‘How can art be made more accessible…?’  This idea was to  lead him to a professional reorientation, in order to bring his own project to fruition.

Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat met at HEC business school. The latter has a firm foothold in the world of finance (including working with Jean-Marie Messier in an investment bank). Born into a family of entrepreneurs, and with experience in the professional world in London and New York under his belt, Paul-Antoine Briat always intended to develop his own concept in France and expand worldwide.

Meeting Alexandre de Metz and discovering their shared passion for photography led to a project which turned  into :

The creation of YellowKorner in 2006.

The YellowKorner Concept

The concept

1000 prints at 50 € instead of 10 prints at 5000 €

YellowKorner aims to democratize art photography and render it accessible to all. Bringing together the public and the artists, YellowKorner galleries present and commercialize the photography of over 250 artists, in a limited print run, each numbered and complete with a certificate of authenticity. YellowKorner promotes the talents of the past, present, and future through a network of over 150 galleries worldwide. The concept is simple: to increase the number of copies of a piece to render it accessible to the greatest number of people, enthusiasts and collectors alike.

YellowKorner is now the leading publisher of accessible photography.

The know-how of YellowKorner

The prints

High quality professional prints

All YellowKorner pieces are silver gelatin prints produced by a professional laboratory. Under the artist’s supervision, the prints are numbered and a certificate of authenticity is provided. In accord with the photographer, the same print may be available in one or more formats (24×36 cm, 60×90 cm, 100×150 cm, 120×180 cm, and 150x225cm).

Each format has its own limited print run (each is limited edition and numbered at 50, 100, 200, 500, or 5000 copies.)

The galleries of YellowKorner

The galleries

150 exhibition spaces in the world and an online gallery

Determined to bring the public closer to the artists, YellowKorner has created unique spaces for display. In conjunction with the renown architect and designer Gérard Barrau, Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat conceive and design their exhibition venues. Thus, the concept of entirely black & white galleries is born. These spaces magnify the works on display and welcome all art lovers with luxury and sobriety.

YellowKorner has over 150 galleries around the world. YellowKorner galleries offer a wide panorama of both traditional and contemporary photography. Each gallery meets the first requirement of the founders of YellowKorner: to make these exhibition spaces places of culture and connection between the public and artists of choice. To this end, galleries organize events, openings where photographers and celebrities move in a common spirit of sharing. At your disposal are the gallerists, all passionate and experienced, accompanying you on your journey, and guiding your discovery.

Our Commitment

A Strong Partnership

A team by your side dedicated to your success!
We are by your side at every step of your YellowKorner journey:

  • Constructing your file
  • Study phase of the project
  • Analysis of the trading area
  • Search for the commercial premises
  • Planning the layout of the gallery
  • Training your team
  • Daily monitoring
  • Communications campaigns
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics


The YellowKorner galleries are generally located along major pedestrian streets with high visitation. More specifically, the brand targets n°1 or 1B positions within a high-quality retail environment.

The ideal surface area is between 30 sqm and 80 sqm with an adjoining storage room.

Finally, a large display window with good height is strongly recommended (>9 ft)

An architectural guide is given to each partner in order to optimise the layout of the YellowKorner gallery.

YellowKorner is looking for partners who have:

  •  Integrity, ethics and an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • A strong foothold within the social, cultural or economic fabric of the target city;
  • A sound understanding of the mechanisms of managing a business;
  • A successful first experience in retail and management;
  • A natural interest in culture, photography and art in general

YellowKorner galleries present a sober, unique, luxury design with an estimated average renovation cost of between €500/m2 and €1000/m2.

Entry fees are fixed at 15000€

The total average investment for opening a YellowKorner gallery is therefore estimated at between €150’000 and €200’000 (not including rental accommodation tax, if applicable).

The stock is entirely financed by the licensor!

YellowKorner recommends that you have a minimum of €80’000 in available funds.

There are no royalties at YellowKorner!

YellowKorner is totally committed to the success of each new project.

In this respect, the brand identifies the implantation opportunities with the partner and assists in developing the business plan. YellowKorner also provides access to its network of service providers (architects, entrepreneurs, project management companies) and financial partners. An initial training period of a minimum of two weeks is scheduled prior to the opening of the gallery.

YellowKorner also commits to providing personalised follow-up throughout the full duration of the partnership :

  • Talks and monitoring of the activity, visits on site and organisation of the annual convention.
  • Ongoing training and regular updates on best practice.
  • Participation in the brand’s promotional campaigns.
  • Organisation of events dedicated to your gallery (exhibition openings, artist’s book signing events, themed evening event for your business clientele, etc.).

The average timeframe for opening a YellowKorner gallery is estimated at 6 months, commencing from your initial contact.

Absolutely. Before your opening, you will have an intensive training given at the head office and in the gallery to combine theory and practice.

You will apprehend all the facets of the organization of a YellowKorner gallery: the knowledge of the collections, the know-how, the scenography, the commercial and logistic management but also techniques of sales rituals and human resources management.

If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Video testimonials

The team

The YellowKorner teams aim to share their passion. To do this, galleries organize vernissages, events, meetings with artists. The exhibited photographs are selected by an artistic committee composed of 4 advisers always looking for new talents.

Your Project

The Process

6 months average time to open a YellowKorner gallery


    After applying, the candidate will be contacted by YellowKorner for a personal interview on the phone.

  • Confidentiality Agreement & Business Plan

    If the candidate’s application is selected after the first contact, s/he will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and prepare a Business Plan.

  • Meeting with YellowKorner

    The candidate is invited to go to the YellowKorner headquarters, where s/he will be presented with the series of agreements. The Business Plan and the geographical area are validated. The candidate starts the real estate search.

  • Validation of the project

    Signature of the agreements by the candidate and validation of the premises with YellowKorner. The candidate begins the search for funding.

  • Opening

    Signature of the lease. The partner undertakes the renovation work and floorplan arrangements.


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